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​​​Renae Cerquitella 

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​​About Renae

Problems and conflicts happen to all of us. It is part of the human condition. But what if you knew, no matter what life threw at you, that you possessed the self-worth, self-confidence and coping strategies to handle anything? What if you understood your value and clearly understood what is best for you?

I'm a Relationship & Behavioral Health Coach in private practice who specializes in bridging the gap between a person's current self-worth, perceived value, and personal goals to what they want to become and believe they deserve. I use my experience, empathy, and support to reduce the amount of time and energy required for self-transformations. 

I listen carefully to my clients for repetitive, self-defeating patterns, and vicious cycles. As a trained professional, I demonstrate ways to break the familiar and difficult cycles. By breaking old cycles that no longer serve them, my clients improve relationships, reduce conflict, and strengthen their positive self-image. 

One-to-one coaching sessions are designed to enhance self-esteem, improve problem-solving skills, and create greater happiness and fulfillment while achieving short and long-term goals. 

My Coaching Approach

I use different coaching approaches based on my client's needs, but I use elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Often, I create exercises based on the client's needs and personality. I am an advocate for behavioral health for any person, regardless of income or existing behavioral health diagnosis. 

Endorsements, certifications and memberships include:

Renae Cerquitella