Not everyone will experience behavioral health or relationship coaching first-hand, so I created the Start Here Coaching Podcast. Episodes will highlight the most frequently asked questions in my practice, as well as cognitive behavior coaching (CBC) techniques, and sound guidance, with a mix of special guests, subject matter experts and Oklahoma-isms.

Each week I'll share ways to identify, examine and change unhealthy thoughts, feelings and beliefs, while incorporating more realistic, positive and effective thoughts. Sign up for my podcast through iTunes or  STITCHER (android users) , or watch it from your desktop or other device by clicking here.

Watch for episodes that  focus on Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and other types of disordered eating. If mentioned in the episode, corresponding worksheets, articles, or links will be posted. Oklahoma City residents suffering with disordered eating or wonder if they have a problem, can find help, sign-up for the BED support group, get helpful tips, links, and resources, all within the privacy of their home.


Start   Here

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‚ÄčRenae Cerquitella 

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The Start Here Coaching Podcast