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​​​Renae Cerquitella 

We all know how to argue, but do we know how to argue well? Yes, there is an art to arguing. I'm not talking about winning the argument, I'm talking about using your arguments as a tool for better communication. Yes! It is possible, but you must first learn HOW to argue. If unsavory language, character assassination, and digging up bones from 10 years ago are part of your arguing tool chest, read this and learn how to be better. After all, if you win, the person you say you love the most in the world has to loose. And that sucks.

The Start Here Coaching Exercises

Here are just a few exercises that I use with my clients that you can use. 

Are you ready to:

Read these tips before you even consider going on a date. Think about it, all of the dating advice you have received in the past (and crap you've told yourself) has gotten you right here. Now is the time to try something new. Read on warrior-woman.

If you have a pulse, you are going to have conflict. This exercise will help you feel heard while training you to shut your pie-hole and listen to what another person has to say. Because, despite what we think ladies, sometimes it ISN'T all about us. To have our best life and healthiest relationships, we must learn how to communicate and deliver our very best to people who deserve to be in our lives.

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