​​​Renae Cerquitella 

  • Through weekly 60 minute coaching sessions, we will work together to set goals, examine limiting believes, uncover self-compassion, and clarify expectations.

  • Together, we will examine what's working, patterns of interaction, and discover personal and relationship triggers.

  • We will work to develop new tools, conflict resolution strategies and personal coping strategies.

  • You'll discover the ability to peacefully disagree, have shared empathy, and respect other points of view. 

  • Gain freedom from jealousy, right-fighting, and emotional outbursts.

  • I offer a free, no obligation, 60 to 90 minute phone or face-to-face consultation to see if we are a good fit.

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Life-changing Coaching for building better relationships

​​Relationships are built on many different principals, beliefs and values. Commitment, trust, love, shared interests and faith can all be ties that bind us to another. A marriage or relationship can survive many things when all parties are committed 100% and show up as a whole and happy person.

However, when one or all parties are not living their best life by not being who they were created to be, problems often arise. When emotional longings are not met, personal goals go to the waste side, or feelings of being "lost" or marginalized enter the picture, relationships suffer. 

There is hope and there are ways to build, rebuild and strengthen relationships, often, in very little time. My clients learn new ways of thinking about themselves and all of their relationships. It is exciting when they begin practicing coaching techniques and start seeing the results. 

Enjoy the exercises on this page. If you have questions or would like to schedule time with me contact me at Renae@StartHereWellbeing.com

Together we can:

Tending to our relationship gardens

Relationship Coach

Relationship Solutions

  • Are you tired have having the "same" argument over and over.
  • Do you walk away from conflict feeling defeated and that you weren't heard?

  • Are you losing trust in your partner or loved one and aren't sure how to get it back?
  • Do you ever think you are in 'toxic' or abusive relationship?
  • Are your relationships with family members strained, damaged and you would like to see improvements?